Presidio is a full-service commercial aircraft lessor that offers custom-tailored financial solutions to operators around the world with new to mid-life fleets.

Since 2015, Presidio Aircraft Leasing has successfully completed over 100 transactions. Our deal strategy is to acquire and lease mid-life assets that we know and understand with our own equity. Our target assets are those that may require more active management throughout the transition process or significant technical expertise – this is where we can truly add value. Aircraft and engine acquisitions are achieved through a variety of channels, including airlines, OEMs, other leasing companies and asset managers.

Our team have significant experience in acquiring, leasing, managing and trading mid-life aircraft and engines throughout their life cycle. The core competencies related to deal generation, technical bridging, lease administration and technical management are all skills housed internally.

Presidio Aircraft Leasing has structured sophisticated aircraft transactions in virtually all commercial aircraft markets in the world. A broad range of innovative aircraft transactions have been completed, including but not limited to sale and leaseback, sale stub leaseback, forward purchase, acquisition subject to lease, dry leases and power by the hour arrangements.

Core Strengths

Explore four reasons our experienced and driven team of commercial aircraft leasing specialists can help you get the results you need.


Fleet Modernization and transition

Aircraft sales, leasing and financing

Flexible, out-of-the-box solutions

Aircraft and engine acquisition

Engine sales, leasing, exchange and financing

Technical Support

Top 4 Reasons to Partner
With Presidio

We understand you have your choice of aircraft lessors, but what makes our team different is a unique mix of experience, financial relationships, transactional acumen and technical resources you simply won’t find anywhere else. This potent blend of aircraft leasing power translates into four very good reasons to partner with us.

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