Our strengths translate into smooth
and expedited transactions.

When you partner with Presidio, you gain an energized, enthusiastic group of highly specialized professionals with global experience at your side. Our strength comes from our resources and our team of highly experienced financial, transactional and technical specialists.


We can deliver and mitigate your closing risk on sale leasebacks, stub sale leasebacks, forward purchases, acquisitions that are subject to lease, and “power-by-hour” aircraft engine arrangements.

Our flexible financial structures are designed to:

  • Engineer the lowest cost solutions
  • Maximize different risks in the capital structure and price each efficiently
  • Leverage the full range of capital sources
  • Maximize the value of your assets with minimal capital outlay



When you partner with us, you gain the confidence from having completed well over $1 billion in transactions. We have the financial strength, acumen and wherewithal to engineer and close deals efficiently.

  • A significant capital base for commercial aircraft leasing
  • Broad financial relationships with world’s leading transportation banks and capital providers
  • A “win-win” approach to applying capital for the benefit of all counterparties
  • A strong capital commitment and leveraged investment strategy


Change is the only constant in aviation, but it also creates opportunity for those who adapt most efficiently. That’s how we can help.

We can offer customer solutions that:

  • Meet your technical requirements and financial strength to help you gain the “lift” you need
  • Help you downsize to adapt to a changing market environment
  • Aren’t limited by aircraft age, capital application or quarterly results
  • Help you meet your short- and long-term fleet goals


We’ll help you meet your technical needs with through our commonly-owned affiliate Aircraft Support Group. Our team has extensive expertise in aircraft bridging and transition maintenance, as well as with aging fleets, so we can help you extract the highest value from assets.

We can meet your technical needs at every stage of fleet maintenance:

  • At delivery, we can transition and reconfigure your aircraft to your fleet requirements.
  • During operation, we can help maximize the value of your engines.
  • For fleet transitions—whether as a result of growth, expiration or just normal operation—our hands-on team can help you navigate technical issues.